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I am an enployee At store 0204 In Boca Raton, i don't really like the way some assistant manager are treating employees specially me almost have 2 years working for homedepot i never came late or call off always do my Job I am the best associate they could never had and today i have an issue with another associate i went To Richard my assistant manager talked to him about it and i admitted what i said was wrong Guess who had finale counseling its me not even a first written and the other associates did not get anything i would like coorperate to sit down talk to them because they never Judge one person always has to be two persons, even you Tell Richard something how it was happended He never believe you some of them are so racist specially the front end supervisor Named Linzy how comes she chose an associate who has been working for 2 months for homedepot to be cashier of the month and people who has been doing great job never have that oh yeah i forgot if they are white people black people treats like Garbage at this store 0204.