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I used to work for Directv in the Dispatch center in which the "FSA" and "Save team" also operate out of. Basically, if you call customer service and say that you are going to cancel your services, they are supposed to transfer you to the "save team" which are people who only make $11 an hour, and can only offer you a month of free service if your initial installation was done within 90 days. Also, they can at times try to upschedule a service appointment which is referred to as "force in's" but when I was there many of the supervisors in the field would not allow any more force in's.
Essentially if you are having service issues call customer service and demand to speak to a save team person, they generally will be able to setup a service appointment for you quicker than the automated system.
The save team has limited pull though, they can only offer faster appointments and a month of free credit (if within 90 days of installation). Directv hates to lose customers, but they really do not care if you have been with them for a long time, they only count on new installations which are "free" but do not include: pole mounting, burrying the wires, "wall fishing" cables (which means hiding cables inside the wall panels), and if you have an apartment or a situation where you cannot bolt the dish on you have to get a stack of cinder blocks with the dish mounted to it because Directv no longer offers tripods or other alternate mounting methods and you will pay out of pocket for this mounting option.
Altogether I would recomend U-verse, unless your a sports fan and then Directv has the best programming if you can overlook all of the other BS.
Hope this helps somebody.