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This letter is written to the management of Asus responsible for Customer Issues.

My comments originate from an interaction with one of your Customer Care Representatives name Stephan P.

The essence is this:
Solving the customers problem, while being the first half of the service being provided, is greatly influenced by the second half of the service.
That second half is in making the customer feel good through authentic interaction.

For example, I called Asus because my Serial Number did not work when I attempted to respond to a request for it. Stephan P found the
Answer in minimal time. I had made a mistake and had forgotten a letter. That is the first half.

But the second half was that he sensed I was embarrassed. In my mind that mistake revealed something about my character that I did not like.
Through calm and easy exchange of conversation, which might be perceived as a waste of time since the conversation was not aimed at solving
"the customer's problem"....I began to relax and feel better. Who knows what he said. What mattered is that he recognized the problem was more
than the serial number. It was also about me leaving Asus feeling good about myself. Stephan P. did that.

I hope the management at Asus is astute enough to recognize that the human part should be included in customer care (as Stephan P did). That may
be difficult as Asus is derived out of engineering excellence and the stereo type image of an engineer is to not be socially adept.

Perhaps an executive might take the time to visit Stephan personally. No need for awards or communal praise. Just quietly go and adjust
One's posture to make the executive's eyes at the same level as the eyes of Stephan P. and thank him for exceptional service. For going