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would like to compliment the online and telephone Asus support Ruel D. recently provided to me when I was having computer issues that were overwhelming to me. As a retired nurse I use my Asus computer to communicate with my family and friends and share photos and truly enjoy it ... until I recently and unknowingly got involved with a computer scam that greatly interfered with my computer operation. I really needed help to get it restored.

While I can follow precise directions, computer support terminology is way over my head. When I was having difficulty understanding what Ruel was directing me to do, I asked many questions and became anxious about it all. Ruel calmly and patiently gave me guidance to get my computer working again in the manner in which I was used to. He kindly reached out to me with email and telephone follow-up on our interaction about the support he provided me with. All of the above was greatly appreciated. He is definitely an asset to your Asus support team. I wish to thank him and all of the Asus support for helping me restore my computer. It now works great again and I would share my wonderful experience with Asus Support to all who ask for a computer recommendation. Again, many thanks.