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Hello, I Have Tried To Contact Asus For The Last 2 Months With No Success, I Bought An Ausu Board And It Has Broken Down In 6 Months Or Less, I Contact Australia Asus And They Said To Possibly Call Us, As I Bought Of Ebay, Clearly A Big Mistake, I Have No Idea Who To Condtact In The Us And There's No Help With The Product Locally, Ion Aus, Amzon Are No Help, So How Can I Claim The So Called 3 Year Warrranty?
Serial No = G9m0ab073300 Part No = 90mb0lf0-m0aay0 Model= Z97-e/usb 3.1 -
I Would Just Like To Add I Have Never Evver Had Thisosrt Of Problem Returning Hdds, This Is Infact Appauling That One Person Passes Me Onto The Next And To Think I Had Such Faith In
Asus, We Pay As Consumers Top Doller For Asus, Otherwise We'd Be Bying The Cheapest Brandsat Least With The Cheqpo Brands We Don't Really Expect Any Service, However Asu Owes It's Buyers A Little More Repect As I Said We Pay Top Doller For What We Expect To Be The Best. Unfortunately, It Does Not Appear To Be As Good As I Thpought, Can You Help, Who Do I Go To For Help To Either Replace Or Fix The M/b