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I was having trouble getting my wireless printer to work with my new ASUS wireless router. I called once and accidently got disconnected (cell phones). I called right back and worked with Michael S. A couple of questions we established that I had not connected my printer to the router wireless network. Michael S. stayed with me while I connected giving advice as we went. I connected and was printing in a matter of minutes. This was a simple problem to recognize and resolve. But, your customer service (Michael S.) was there when I needed help. I almost purchased a Netgear router but the salesman advised me that Netgear had crappy support. He also mentioned that ASUS had very good customer support. CUSTOMER SUPPORT counts. I have told several of my good experience with ASUS support. When I shop for electronic gadgetry in the future your customer support will heavily influence me to buy ASUS again.


I would find it tremendously helpful If you would include in "set-up" procedures to connect ALL devices to the ASUS wireless network.

I have given you a very positive feed back concerning this experience.

Michael S was polite, helpful, Knowledgeable, and friendly. Kudos to him.