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I was very happy with customer support, they were empathetic and understanding. The big issue was that I learned my ASUS laptop is not compatible with Windows 10. I was asked to reload the system to an out of box environment, which I did. Four hours later my laptop was reloaded and operational ....... ONE BIG PROBLEM! The operating system was once again upgraded to Windows 10 home edition.

Needless to say my laptop once again has narcolepsy, it goes to sleep anytime I try to fill out any online form or type anything in MS WORD, TEXT or other program. If I just want to play games it works great. Guess you get what you pay for! Bottom line I will never purchase another ASUS product of any kind, and I'll be sure to tell my friends looking to purchase a new device.

To purchase a laptop send numerous hours trying to work on it only to have it be incompatible is a joke!

My next purchase will be an APPLE AIRBOOK! good bye ASUS and Microsoft