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The Pearle Vision franchise in Georgetown, Texas is either crooked, incompetent, or ignorant. After an almost comical run-around with AARP, the store, and Pearle customer service, it is clear that Pearle wants me to pay full price and AARP is helpless to enforce the discount. The store manager kept telling me I had no vision insurance or AARP discounts despite showing her both cards and the AARP printout ("but it is not in my computer"). She denied the AARP affiliation ("they shouldn't be putting our name on their website"). AARP says it can't help me and Pearle corporate says it cannot help--because this store is an "independent franchise"? Aren't they all franchises?

When I asked the nasty store manager if she could refer me to a corporate store, she said: "Good luck with that. The nearest store is in Dallas (200 miles)". And hung up on me.