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I ordered a dishwasher online along with a request of installation and hauling away the old one, while online ordering was as smooth as possible. Once the payment was done everything else turned out to be a nightmare. I got a call one day prior to delivery to confirm order, i asked them to bring an insurance certificate as required by my building . They told me they just delivery and i have to contact home depot and it takes 48 hours to arrange it so we cant do it. When i called homedepot they said oh its not our fault as you didnt put that in order, to which i said i ordered online and there was no place to put this anywhere! Anyway, somehow they confirmed that it will done. YET when it arrived it was without insurance! Somehow i managed to bring them into my apartment and the guy who came was the MOST RUDE GUY i have ever met. He didnt know anythhing about dishwasher and said it cant be done, he couldnt speak in english and couldnt understand any. He left the new dishwasher in my living room upside down and just left!!! Since then my ordeal of talking to customer reps is going on, they havent refunded the money, they havent got anyone to fix it and i am sure they wont as they DONT CARE. Not to mention the same dishwasher on their website itself had a price drop of 75 dollars in a day!! I have been a loyal homedepot customer... its very disappointing