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I donât usually ever send complaints about something but my experience at Sizzler in Layton, Utah today was so disappointing. I have enjoyed Sizzler for many years. I donât know if they changed management or what. Many times I have gone there to but Salad bar to take home. I only get the greens and raw vegetables, the baked potatoes . I donât even touch all the other salads or soups or other stuff because of my diet. But I do not want to stack all those things that I get on top of each other to get soggy, etc. so first of all, the cashier told me I couldnât even get it to go. Then she asked the manager and he wasnât happy about it but said he would allow it but she was to give me ONE meal box. I told him that I didnât want to pile the food on top of each other and he rudely told her to give me 2. I made it work and then put a brownie in the small dessert box and went home to enjoy my food. The brownie was hard as a rock and not fresh at all. The salad bar was not freshen up at all. It was Bout 3:30 so maybe that time of the day, they donât freshen it up. The whole visit was just an unpleasant experience. Sorry to complain but I have always bragged about the salad bar there but things have changed.