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Please never buy anything from Asus. Seriously, the products themselves are usually great, but the consumer service can be a big problem. In my case, what happened is that I was about to send back my unit at the end of november 2017. Then I called back during my break, at the beginning of january. At first, I was told that everything was ok, I just had to send back the notebook. As it was the second time I was sending back the item to have it repaired, I expected to receive the instructions checklist and shipping label (Fedex). However, nothing was sent. I contacted back Asus, to ask for the documents.

I was told that the invoice is missing. That is where the problem really is. I had to send back the invoice twice, as it was rejected for being "not acceptable" without any further explanation. After that, I was sent back an e-mail saying that the warranty ended on January 9th of 2018. As I live in Quebec, the date format is different. The date was reading as "01-09-16" (Standing for 1st day of ninth month 2016). After a few calls to Asus, I had them to contact the seller. I confirmed with the seller that he said clearly that the date was canadian french format, standing for 1st of september, but Asus maintained its position and said that the seller even confirmed that date (january ninth).

Another call was needed by the seller, and I was told all would be great by the seller, after 7 or 8 call to Asus and 2 calls to te seller. However, to my surprise, I was told that the shipping was on my charge, to the opposite of what happened in november. WHY are Asus changing their mind and only contributing to make their image worse... I don't see the official answer if I need to pay it myself or not, but it is riduculous to have this other problem to get the laptop sent and maybe even not repaired, as it did the first time...