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Last year my husband/gave me a back massager Christmas. defected I went to a Tues Morning in next nearby town (DIDNT HAVE ITEM WITH ME that day) I asked if I could get refund because I knew receipt was few days past and I mean very few past date to get refund. Employee (very nice) went to the back of store;asked manager... Manager said yes!!I told him I would return to the store near me where gift was purchased. He said that would probably be best. So the next day I carried back with receipt....manager called the store I had gone to previous day to confirm what I told her ...they said was true. And according to her they denied! So she offered gift card. I wanted my 100.00 back. I told her I had been sick during and after Christmas plus close family member sick almost around clock care. Oh well gift card and bitter taste of Tuesday Morning ...makes me not want to shop there