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I want to let Canon know what a wonderful, EXCELLENT, patient & overall truly customer service oriented employee/team player working for them by the name of Chiquesia. I have never spoken with such a professional & knowledgeable person as this lady. I can not tell you how impressed I am with her professionalizum. I will quickly tell you that I had called a company that was representing themselves as a part of CANON! Seriously!!! They ended up talking me in to allowing them control of my computer. After talking to me about everything, (except what I called them for) concerning my Camon printer. they tried to sell me an anti virus system to the tune of almost $1k! I'm serious. Of course that was the premium package. The packages ranged from $299.00 & up. After about 30 minutes of being scared that someone over seas had all my confidential information...I finally decided to go into another room & call the 800 number provided on my Canon information sheet I received upon purchasing my printer. Chiquesia is the person who answered quickly & was my total savior from there on out. I quickly told her what this man was trying to do & asked her if she would speak with him. She was more than happy to help me. She was totally professional...& told him that they did not have a technical department in Atlanta GA where he had told me he was from!! Once he realized that she was not backing down & had all the right information he became rude & said he was going to hang up because I would not listen to him. Chiquesia saved the day!!! She was so amazing, professional & never raised her voice while putting this man in his place.

After that was over she explained in detail what to do so that would never happen again. She then said, "now lets get that printer working for you again ma'am'! What a relief it is to get such great customer service. I was able to not only fix the issue I called in for...but after that was completed she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me before we finished the call? I remembered that I had tried many times to connect my fax machine. I asked her id she could help me & her kind reply was that she absolutely could walk me through the process of adding that feature. Bravo Chiquesia...with your expertise...I did it! Now I have access to a fax machine in my own much better than taking everything somewhere else to have it paying for that service! I want you all to know that this lady is defiantly a added bonus to your company! Before we hung up I asked her if there was someone I could speak to so I could relay my positive experience to. WHen her manager came on the line...he was as professional & accomodating as she. Way to go CANON! In my book your company is #!!!!!!!!