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I had purchased a pair of progressive eyeglasses from the Eatontown NJ last June. I had been using this store for over eight years. My old glasses I still used for work so I would not damage the new pair. I did not wear the new pair until 4-5 mos. later. When I began to use them I noticed that the prescription was way off. I called the store about it and was told The 'bring back period was over"! I recently went for my annual eye exam and asked them to check the prescription on these new glasses against the good pair I had and they acknowledged the prescription was off. I asked if they could do anything or give me store credit and they replied" we are new franchise owner and there was nothing they would do! I have spent a lot of money at that location over the years getting a new pair almost every year. I am considering another Eye Care vendor now. Bad business practice for a great customer