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I purchased an AOC 1601FWUX monitor after first purchasing a competitors brand. I purchased the AOC because the other monitor would not work with my system (new Win10 Home, purchased in May of 2017. Every time I emailed tech support they would give me the same answer which never worked. After following the instructions twice to no avail I gave up and quit asking. I then saw the AOC monitor on Amazon and decided to buy it even though it was 30% higher in cost. Worth every penny. I had a minor issue when I installed it so I contacted AOC Tech Support and received a smae-day response from Romeo Ignacio. Romeo got in touch with Pin Hsieh who also got Eric Sablan involved. Eric actually called me but since I didn't recognize the number I sent the call to voicemail. The message Eric left was very detailed and directed me to exactly how to correct the problem. Less than a minute later my issue was resolved and everything was working as expected. Fantastic response by all three - these guys went above and beyond to take care of my problem and I highly recommend AOC products and will make them my first choice when I purchase again. Thank you Romeo, Pin and Eric!