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I bought the a Zenphone-3 laser 6-7 months ago. It was dropped and has a crack on it but working well. On the other had, there is a problem with the socket where the phone is charged. I cannot recharge it.
Then I sent the machine to Asus authorised service telling them "I don't want the screen to be replaced, I only wish the charging socket to be repaired or replaced".
They say that they could not change the socket only, had to replace the screen and charge 415 TL (109 $), can only replace the socket after charging the amount.
I tried to find another repair service but Those repair services told me that they can replace the socket without replacing the screen but they could not acquire the replacement part in Turkey.
Don't you think that is absurd.I just want to replace the socket and use the phone with the crack on it because it works very well but I cannot charge it because of the socket being broken.
I will never buy another Assus machine and do not recommend anyone to do it.It will be like throwing your money in the trash.