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I am writing in this format because 3 customer surveys failed to open when I pressed the "Next" button. Perhaps I should have called Canon tech support again?

I want to complement 3 people that I had contact with who really are deserving of the highest praise. There were different problems in
installing the driver for my scanner on the TS9020. Joelle led me through the first one. Another issue and multi tasked installation and cancellation was led by Charlie from Alberquerque. He consulted manuals and scratched his head over some of the items I reported on my screen but was able to help me unscramble some incorrect routing on my computer/printer hook up.Michael was the last agent consulted
and I have an interesting comparison for you in his case . The night before I called gmail support because emails were printing in a truncated format. After seizing my screen they weren't able to resolve the problem. Your man Michael ran me through some adjustments and happily the problem was resolved. I really was struggling with these problems and I am happy to say there is an efficiency to your operation that I like.