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Asus tier 1 support quickly assessed that they were not able to assist me after hearing of the troubleshooting steps i had already done with my ac3100 router. I do not hold them accountable to this as i am an IT professional. My gripe is that after holding for quite some time, the first representative told me i would be contacted by a product expert within 24-48 hours via email. When I was not contacted in this time frame i called back on a Saturday and after being on hold again for a while, i was told that weekends do not count for the turn around time and that i would be contacted by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. My initial call had been on a Thursday evening. I accepted this answer and asked for an email with a case number which i never received (i checked my spam filter). I called again the following Wednesday after hearing nothing and was told i would be transferred to an expert. After being on hold for over an hour, i spoke with Jhavonne who handled my problem and issued an RMA. I do not have a problem with the support itself as I am in IT Customer support and so understand the difficulties of the industry. My complaint is with the lack of follow through of what i was told would be done which was not and the amount of time and frustration i had to go through to have my problem actually addressed. It is ridiculous that i had to spend a week to have a hardware problem addressed when this device is being used for my work. The fact that neither of the tier 1 technicians followed through on their word (i acknowledge this may have been out of their hands with the hurdles of a large corporation) burned me the most. I hate being forced to become an jerk to get adequate support for an expensive product. The products are great but to get the good support you must become a dick.