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I returned my Flip chromebook underwarranty because it was freezing up. Then I received an email with a picture of it's corner badly dinged. It was not like that when I sent it.

If the packaging wasn't damaged, this must have occured in your facilities. Probably by being tossed.

Rosario did the best he could in an otherwise poor customer service environment.

Here's a challenge: Call the number WITH YOUR PERSONAL PHONE IN YOUR POCKET. You'll find scatchy sound that breaks up all the time. On multiple occasions I've heard people in a boiler room laughing and talking to eachother, but not to me. When the call is terminated, nobody calls me back.

I'm very unhappy with Asus, but Rosario did the best he could!

Chris Englund

And in the end

The love you take

Is equal to the love

You make.

--The Beatles