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I have been a fan of ASUS for a long time, my current build was in fact done with ALL ASUS products. The motherboard died and so I called ASUS customer no service because I had registered all my products and they would have all the info I needed on file to make a decision about the next step. Customer no service informed me that my warranty was up and I needed to buy a new motherboard, no problem; I bought the up graded new motherboard. I removed the old motherboard and installed the new one, after some updates everything is running great. I was wondering what to do with the old board and my wife reminded me that we still had all the boxes from the build in a spare closet, so I got the box and going through the box found out that the warranty was five years instead of three as I was told by customer no service. Being an ASUS fan, I thought "no problem" there must have been a mistake and they will take care of me. Was I ever wrong about that, what followed is the stuff of Tim Burtons real nightmares. I had never before created an account with ASUS, so I did and low and behold all the info was at my finger tips, dates, times, purchase info and WARRANTY info proving my case for me, problem solved right? WRONG, 7 plus hours on the phone, lots of time on hold, "sorry the customer support center doesn't have access to THAT info" was a great tag line. Submit this paper work in this format to this verification page and we will get back to you in a few days. What? this info is on site. I sent all the paper work only for ASUS to deny their own website info, that is not a joke. Hours spent "chatting" with a tech who said, "I understand your frustration." Really? You are the cause of it. This issue is still unresolved as of today ... shadily coercing people to buy new products and having a system that frustrates people and jerks them around works, to the detriment of ASUS. It is bad business practice and will be the last piece of ASUS gear I ever buy ...