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Topics: Discriminatory practices vs Cultural Sensitivity.

I am a 52-year-old African American male. I am writing to share my experience at your Pembroke Mall location on 7/15/2017 at approximately 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm. I was assisted by a sales representative named "Toni" while shopping for a pair of Ray ban sunglasses. No one else was inside the store but the two of us. She was assisting me until two other Caucasian people entered the store. Without excusing herself, Toni turned her back to me, asked the people if they needed help, and proceeded help them -- leaving me all alone. In short, she abandoned me. She sensed my frustration and later assured me that she would take care of me. I replied noting I did not want her help after the way I was treated. I asked for a business card which was provided by one of the Caucasian people she decided to help. She later apologized for her behavior which I did not accept. Instead, I explained that her behavior and customer service was unprofessional and offensive. Moreover, it was "culturally insensitive." I explained that I felt she was discriminating against me based on race. She denied it and found it necessary to explain to me that was it was not true because her daughter's husband was black and she has black grandchildren. This was an attempt to minimize her behavior, its impact, and my experience with her and the Pearle Vision store (Pembroke Mall Virginia Beach Virginia).

I believe in good customer service. Clearly, the sales representative "Toni" would benefit from some additional customer service training to include a training on cultural sensitivity. This was truly a traumatic experience for me.

Thank you