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I believe that these companies are treating their customers the way they do is because they are not being held accountable for their actions. The federal government should randomly contact customers in these companies to see just what they are doing. Their customer service reps are free to commit fraud and to tell customers anything. There should be a federal better business office to report these companies too. You talk to reps all over the country and sometimes not even in the county. ATT us just one. If one company is held accountable federally the other would make changes. To all customers start recording you conversations with these companies and reporting it to the news media and the television stations. They seem to be the only ones listening and they will put it on tv. Maybe then will the government and these companies listen. Maybe if ATT sees their name plastered across the tv with the question WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS??? will they take note and start firing the reps that are doing this serving notice to the other reps that this is not acceptable customer service. To all customers. start dropping ATT services like a HOT POTATOE!! I bet they begin to listen without the rep knowing as to how the rep literally lies to their customers. ITS TIME WE THE CUSTOMERS STAND UP TO THESE COMPANIES!!!