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Rarely do I take the time to answer, or seek to do a survey based on services. However, there are exceptions to everything; I don't know how to properly thank your Customer Support person but I have to at least try to convey to you the appreciation of him assisting me. Fairly new to the photography world, he walked me through unfamiliar areas of frustration (with my Cannon 70D) with such clearity and precise instruction, that I found myself elated, and screaming in his ear (sorry Chris)with a new understanding for my CAMERA.

No longer will I waste my time with sales reps (sorry reps,some are great) on the knowledge of a Cannon product. With a Customer Service Support team displaying patience and knowledge, like Chris showed me, I will continue to purchase your products with confidence, knowing that if I ever need assistance or have any questions, a Cannon representative is there, ready to HELP me. Thank you greatly Chris!