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I have been with DirecTV for over 15years they shut off my TV on a Saturday I called customer service and told them the check was sent on Thursday they said they would keep the service off until the check has cleared or I could pay by phone for a $5 fee I said that's fine but do not process the check I sent they said they wouldn't go and behold I check my bank statement and here they processed the check anyways so now I'm overdrawn at my bank called customer service they said it would take 5 two 7 days to process I told them then DirecTV will be responsible for all overdrafts from my bank they said they would work with me I told them that they said they would not process the check but they did anyways I told them I wanted my money back in the bank today oh we're sorry that will take 5 to 7 business days I said no you will put it back in the bank today they hung up on me great customer service ya think.