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I am a new unhappy Directv customer. Prior to 1/2/2017, I had Uverse (cable and wifi). I was convinced 12/29/2016 by ââ?¬Å?Directv Sales Representativesââ?¬Â? at Walmart about an amazing deal; I will get a $200 Walmart gift card for switching to Directv. After three times of listening to the sales pitch I agreed. I had to get on the phone at the point of sale and was charged 19.95 (bill statement states: at the point of sale for the hd receiver and promised a $100 Visa gift card to reimburse the 108.16 ( I did receive the $100 Visa gift card, thank you).

Then on 1/2/2017, installation happened. I spoke with customer service to cancel Uverse (Uverse was not cancelled when requested). Then my wifi was suspended on 2/9/16 and also found out my uverse was never cancelled when I had made the request.

I chatted with customer service on

During this chat, I was told someone would call me within 10 minutes to take off the 49.00 restoration fee, I NEVER got a call and it is still there.

I was told and persuaded about a deal for wifi $60 a month and would combine with my $60 a month Directv, if I received a tablet for $1.08. I stated I did not need another tablet, but had to pay 1.08 for the tablet in order to get the $60 a month wifi. I finally agreed upon being PROMISED ONE MORE TIME: my bills will be combined and I will only have monthly charges of $60 for wifi and $60 for Directv plus tax. These were false promises.

I have to log into two websites: one website I have a 31.27 balance that is due AND I am getting charged $10 a month for the tablet I was promised would not have any charges, please refer to the chat record below, never stated a $10 month charge. AND the second website states I have 172.98 balance that is due. I need this fixed and explained in writing.

Now for the initial promise of the $200 walmart gift card, I have never received. I am eligible for this because:

1. I ordered Directv services within the stated timeframe with a 24 month Directv agreement, through Wal-Mart.

2. I had Directv system installed within 30 days of placing my order, and

3. I completed, signed, and mailed in the requested form before the deadline date.

I called 800-508-1232 it stated you received the request on 1/9/17 (this is the 100.00 visa gift card, I was promised to reimburse me for the 108.16 and I DID received this, thank you). You received a request on 1/14/17 (200.00 Wal-Mart card) to this day (4/13/17)it is still process.

Somehow on March 20 2017 I was able to talk to a person and she said she would send the request for the 200.00 Wal-Mart card to their office and they would call me within 24 hours (I NEVER REC A CALL). And now 800-508-1232 is stating you received the request on 3/21/17 and of course it is still processing. I was given the 800-531-5000 number to call regarding the 200.00 Wal-Mart gift card and they said they had no idea what I was talking about and there is nothing in the system about a Wal-Mart gift card.

I want a status update and answers in writing.

I was really hoping and expecting great things with ATT. I am in the process of switching my cell phone service (3 phones) to another carrier. I have been with the same carrier since 2003.