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TERRIBLEEEEEE!!! Getting me and my son some spring shoes they had all of my son sizes in shoes there so I bought him 2pair. That was good. I wanted me and my son to have a matching pair so I ask if they have the Jordan's in my size and he said no but I can store order them for you. At first I was hesitant b/c I'm at the age now where I could careless about shoes. Then I was thinking my son and I can take some nice spring pics with them on so I said why not? I'm not in a rush, I don't need them right away.... so I paid half then when I placed the order with the employee, then I was told I would have to pay the rest once they notified me that they were in the store and ready for pick up. They came fast and they notified me like they said they would. So I came to the pick them up on Tues. April 11th during my lunch hr the order was placed on Saturday on the 8th.... came a lil too fast if you asked me. They let me know the shoes were ready for pick up on Monday the 10th. I wasn't able to get them Monday b/c I work 10-7 across town and they close at 8. Coming to pick the shoes up, the same guy I placed the order with was there to bring out the shoes...... ready to pay the remaining balance. His bagging up the shoes not offering me did I want to take a look at them. Which most shoes stores do especially if it's an online order. So I take a look myself but it was a brief one b/c I had to get back to work, I was already pushing it! Get home that evening from work and picking up my child from daycare I take a look at the shoes........ AND THEY GAVE ME SOME D*** FAKE A** JORDANS FOR THE PRICE OF THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC ONES... THE ONES I ORDERED, PAID FOR AND PLANNED TO HAVE LIKE MY SON! My son shoes are the real deal. They give me Jordan flights and if you wear Jordan shoes you know the difference. They better take these shoes back too with a full refund! I don't want to hear any excuses! I know he looked at the shoe and knew those were the fake Jordan's and he didn't care he just wanted a sale under his name. Like I don't understand if you knew you couldn't get the shoe and they were completely sold out then ok just say that rather than try to get over on people just for a sale! They about to feel all my frustration come April the 12th!! -Sincerely, A pissed customer!!