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I bought a motherboard back at the end of January to build a system, model Z170-A, current bios installed. From the beginning 8 times out of 10 it would boot to the bios screen but you could proceed to the OS, after 2-3 weeks all it would do is boot to the bios screen and nothing else, after dealing for hours with off shore tech support I finally got them to send a new one by giving a credit card and it does nothing, no post tone, NOTHING. I contacted them but the actual customer care is in the US and they only work Monday to Friday 8-5 so I could not call them, I asked for someone to contact me but all they can do is hide behind their email "we cannot send you a new motherboard or a refund" Disappointed with Newegg, they won't take that JUNK back either. This is the first of many social media posts to get the word out about ASUS's substandard products and service, in case anyone cares my cast number