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I bought my Weslo treadmill almost a month ago. Paid them an extra $119 to have someone come to our home and install it. It took more than the 5 days they alow to here from the technician and after several calls to them the guy finally calls back at day 8 very apologetic. We finally get him to our home and in the middle of the install he realizes the wire harness is broken due to the shipment and now has to order the part. Another 7-10 days. He says he will come right back out once the part is delivered to our home. Part has been here since Friday. Can't get a hold of this guy, he doesn't answer, doesn't return call or even give a courtesy call to say hey I'm sorry but I'm very busy. So now we wait another week as my treadmill is sitting in my basement half put together. So disapponting at this point as I've seen nothing but good reviews about this company. Weslo you need to find a better technician cause this guy told us he travels all over the US doing this and there's know telling where he is at this point but in the mean time here I wait once again. Customer service did say that I could go with another company but would have to wait another 5 days to hear from someone. What kind of business is this. THey didn't wait 5 days to process my $$ but yet here we are still waiting.

Disappointed customer in Colorado