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I was just notified that my laptop was being returned unrepaired. I have requested multiple times, including when I called, to speak to an upper level manager. I was only allowed to speak to the lower level customer service people who fed me lip service and did not elevate my request to the appropriate person. The service I received from your repair department has been deplorable. No one answered any of my disputes on the estimate for repair. My laptop was incorrectly diagnosed and an estimate was forwarded to me based on that incorrect diagnosis. I disputed this several times. Receiving no responses, I had to call your repair department because clearly contacting a client over repairs of their unit is of least importance to the department. Since no contact information was provided in the estimate email, it was necessary for me to contact online chat to get that information. When I spoke with a customer service person I was told the estimate stated the incorrect diagnosis but the price of $410 was correct. I know this part is used in other Asus products that hold a 2 year warranty. I also know that the part can be obtained direct from the manufacturer for under $200. When I disputed the price I was told I would receive a corrected invoice that would also reflect the largest discount available. That discounted estimate reflected a less than 10% discount. I again submitted a dispute in writing. Again, no one answered this dispute. I then sent an email through my Asus product account and received an auto response I would be contacted within 48 hours. That also was a lie. No one contacted me. Now I've received notification, after live chat and repair service were closed for the day (which seems to be common practice with Asus) stating my unit was being returned unrepaired. This is unacceptable. The service, or more accurately, the lack of service is not what I would expect from such a large company. I purchased my notebook for $1500, which I realize now would have been better spent with another brand. I have requested with each dispute I submitted to be contacted by an upper level supervisor. My requests for assistance were ignored. It appears Asus is only interested in collecting inflated repair costs and not customer service or retention. I want to speak with an upper level supervisor, if there is one who is actually interested in customer service. Is anyone available or am I wasting my time?