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My ship the USS Ramage (DDG-61) is currently going through an upkeep at Pascagoula shipyard in Pascagoula,ms.The ship is originally homeported out of Norfolk,Va but we're getting work done in Pascagoula.I went today (2-4-17) at 1800 to buy shoes at your Pascagoula branch and was treated horribly.I asked the sales rep that I needed a certain shoe in a size 9 and he went to retrieve it,soon after some locals came in I guess some people he knew.As the gentleman went back to get the shoes the people he knew walked back to the entrance of the stock room and stated asking him questions about shoes.I guess he forgot about me because 3 people received their shoes before me but still I waited patiently.Two other sales rep asked me was I being helped because I guess they had seen me walk In before all these other people that was being helped by him.The guy came out and gave two people shoes that had came in behind me and told me I was next.I made the comment of "I guess being a local have its perks ",he looked at me and said let me see what's going on with him.Needless to say I eventually walked out without the shoes.I will never return to that store .I also thought being a serviceman would also ramp up the customer service but it didn't.I had my US Navy lanyard for my keys hanging out my pocket and he asked me was I in the navy and I told him yes.