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I was asked to hold through the drive thru in Pearland, Texas. That's completely fine by me as I worked in the service industry and understand you get backed up sometimes. Well 5 minutes goes by so I ask if anyone is there. Wait another minute and ask again. Waited a 3rd minute and asked again. At this point I said screw it. There were 3 cars behind me.and then I look over... Not a single person was in front of me. They were doing nothing!!! I pulled up to the window and waited. It took another 7 minutes for them to come up to the window and with a big smile asked "hi how are you doing today!". Are you kidding me? This is how you do business? I asked family members for firehouse gift cards because of how great your Subscription are. I would understand if this were the first time. No its the third. And it has gotten worse each time. You have lost me as a customer and I will be spreading the word to everyone I know. Shame on your company for not returning my calls. It wasn't even to complain. It was to let you know own because of how much I liked your establishments. Won't try anymore. You will be like quiznos soon. Great sandwiches. Horrible service/marketing.