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I would like to say I had a great experience talking to and receiving the best customer service I have received from any company in a while. I would like to thank customer service MR. very much for his professional attitude his intelligent ideas, saving me money, getting me channels, showing me specials that were offered and that direc tv had available that best met my interests. If I had a daughter I would hope she could grow up to meet the young man I spoke to who was very personable, great sense of humor, and all qualities you would hope to have in all seriousness form a customer service rep. PLEASE consider customer service number, am I hope I am leaving this on the correct page. phone number of JOSH TALLEY, in case anyone needs clarification about this post. In all seriousness, had it not been for this man, I may not still be with Direct Tv. He handled the multi facsitied the situation very well under undue distress on my part. As is such, Please consider giving the young man a raise, if not please tell me if he is available to work for whatever the raise would be as Wendell from EPB is my uncle and he always needs good reps. thanks direct tv and thanks customer service rep