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After reading some of these other complaints.. I suggest upper management get their team players into training or your going to lose the game big time... I appalled by the complaints I just read..
I'm a veteranian in my home town and drive miles daily to farms to treat ppl animals that they depend on and care for greatly. I would never ever treat my customers the way I've read and from my own story. If I sold them a bottle of pennacillian for their cattle and a week later the cattle became sick I'd do whatever I had to to make up for it At no cost.. YOU DON'T TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY.. SHAME ON YOUR GENERAL MANAGERS FIR NOT BEING ON HAND MAKING SURPRISE VISITS OR EVEN HAVING MYSTERY SHOPPERS COME INTO YOUR STORES.. I to have noticed in your Rising Sun stores your employees goofing off with each other they say hello when you walk in than can I help you find something. If you say no thanks than their off in a corner laughing and flirting and acting their age..
TEENAGERS. I'VE NEVER SEEN A PERSON WORKING IN YOUR STORE HERE OVER 21?? I know if my employees a ted that way in my office they'd be at the unemployment office the next day... and both my daughters work for me.. if they ever acted that way I'd toss them out on their butts... Boy I was mad over my sports bra but after reading the other complaints I'm REALLY PEED OFF NOW... SHAME HIBBIT SPORTS SHAME ON YOU.. AND ANOTHER THING YOU SEND ME TXT TO ENTER CONTEST BUT WHEN I TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE SITE IT NEVER WORKS? WHY IS THAT?