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I called Direct Source Copiers in CA & ordered a copier "on sale" for $1,999. & added a toner bringing my total to $2,149. on October 31st afternoon. The money was withdrawn from my account on November 1st. My son gave me a similar printer that evening so I called emailed Direct Source Copiers at 8:36 AM on November 2nd to request a cancellation. David ? called and said it was already being delivered (even though I was originally told it would take a week to 10 days to get it) and so I would be charged up to $300. shipping and a re-stock fee.
The next day he let me know ALL I would have to pay is the $150. re-stock fee.
I still have not received my refund and it will be 6 weeks soon.
He says Canon refunded but did not deduct the $150. re-stock fee so it's taking longer.
I have tried to file a complaint but the CA BBB doesn't allow me to for some reason.
I would like for someone in charge at Canon to see my mail and understand that, for 1 thing, the charge for a re-stock is unfair since I notified the dealer the next day I wanted to cancel and also - why is it taking so long to get my refund? I should be able to charge interest on my money.
Please forward this to someone who is able to help. I'd be glad to forward the emails between myself and the dealer.
I would appreciate it.