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Dear Madam/Sir,
I have purchased Canon EOS 700D DSLR camera on 18 Oct 2016 from, Invoice D1fKI90GN (Invoice number: TG-HYD7-141011551-719. The Camera was delivered by CAPITAL PHOTO SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, Sy Nos.241-244, 275-284, Penjerla (V), Kootur(M), Mahabubnagar dist. Hyderabad-509228. I have tested camera with lens 18-55mm and I fount it satisfactory.However, when I used camera on 30th Oct 2016 with lens 55-250 mm I observed some focus issue, then I contacted Amazon for return on 01 November 2016 but they refused to return as the time of return was only 10 days. Amazon suggested us to contact service centre. I given the lens to service centre on 5th November,2016, CD:1600000673106 they accepted the lens but refused to replace it . Service centre has refused to replace it and stressing me to accept repaired lens.
Canon is a esteemed company this type of service of giving defective product and refusing it replace it with new one was not accepted from Canon. I request you to kindly replace it with new lens.
Yours truly,

Ashok Jadav,
11 Ramkumar Jagerdev Chawl,
Behind Kaju Pada police Station,
Sudham Nagar, Kaju Pada Road, Borivali East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra-400066, India.