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On 10/14/16 we experienced some excellent service at your Grand Haven, Mi. store. While shopping for some Roughneck bins, the shelf only had 3 of the 8 we needed. One of your associates (Brad) came walking by and offered assistance. He was able to climb up to the upper shelves and reach an additional 2 bins and commented that was all the store had in inventory. He then checked other stores in the area and found that the Muskegan store had enough in inventory. So while checking out our purchases he came running up and announced that a delivery truck just arrived and was able to get us the additional 3 bins we needed. This saved us a lot of time. We can't tell you how impressed we were about going the extra mile that Brad demonstrated. Sharon at the check-out register even spent time chatting with us while we were waited for Brad to get the additional Bins and this also added to a nice experience.