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I would like to give a big, warm thank you to the flooring specialist, Martin Willis, at the Monroe, Louisiana's Home Depot. He has worked with my husband and me over the last few months after we had water damage to our floor. We had just bought our first house together when the washing machine overflowed and destroyed flooring in over half our brand new home. Being first-time home buyers this was our first time dealing with insurance companies, we were very overwhelmed and felt lost. Marty was our light among the fog, and steered us straight and true through the confusing, and often winding world of flooring. He spent hours, and I'm not exaggerating, talking to us on the phone. He sat face-to-face with us over several weekends and helped us navigate in the right direction, and listened to us change our minds, navigate some more, and change our minds again! He would call during evening hours and weekends, often multiple times, to make sure we were getting the services we needed and deserved. In a world where customer service is a dying art and we often find ourselves searching for expertise in areas were are not, it was so refreshing to trust Marty. He was helpful beyond words and we will always seek him out on our trips to Home Depot, just to say hi to a friend.