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I purchased a MG5220 Canon printer and have had a great experience until all of a sudden, I got a U052 error message and the printer will not work. I looked online for a fix and did all of the appropriate things that it mentioned several times and no luck. In deperation, I called Canon customer service. I was cut off from the first CSR so I called back, started from scratch and after trying several things, the CSR and I realized that a fix was not to be without buying a new Printer Head. I could not locate my sales receipt and so he was not able to send me a new printer head for free. I asked if I could buy one and he said no that I would have to try and find one at a parts place that sells them. I am VERY frustrated knowing that Canon has the part I supposedly need and that they will not sell me the part. Also, after going online, I realize that there was a class action suit filed against Canon regarding this issue but of course that was not mentioned. So, as of now, I am without a printer, in need of a printer head. Incidentally, I just purchsed 2 sets of new print cartridges for my printer that I cannot use. I will not buy another Canon product! All Canon would have to do is willingly send me a printer head.