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Pune Authorized Canon Service Centre ASF Pune 1
I am loyal Canon DSLR user with a portfolio of lenses. I had given my 7d for routine servicing to your Pune Authorized Service centre ( ASF 1 ) on 30 July 2016 and collected it back next week.

However receipt ( bill ) for the payment of charges of Rs. 2900.00 was not provided as it could not be printed due to some " technical reasons " and I was promised that it shall be sent on email.

In the third week of Aug 2016, I had gone to the centre to collect my duly serviced 100-400 lens and reminded them about pending bill. I was once again assured that it shall be sent on email - it was not readily available that day also.

On 16th Sept. I reminded them once again on phone and email - no response.

On 19th Sept - when I called them, I received a Rude Reply " Why are you making a big fuss about such a small issue... ? "

Not only I am insulted but shocked at such poor standards of customer service at a Reputed Brand Like Canon.

All I was asking for a Bill and no Favours !!!