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Hello Office depot
I just wanted to give my feedback, as I have been a happy customer of office depot until today. I love the fact that your company offers the penny sale to your customers and in 2013 and 2014, I made sure that I was in one of your locations this time of the year. I have 5 kids and 4 are in school, plus I like to give school supplies to others in my family, as these items will always be useful. Today I go into one of your locations all to find out that you have to spend $5 or more to buy the penny items, that I am okay with but you only allow 3 per household, and even if I wanted to do separate transactions I have to spend $5 each time. This is misleading and you might as well sell those items like other retails store are selling them for $0.50. I come out cheaper spending my money with Walmart or staples. I really hope that you will send this message to your supervisor or to marketing as this defeats the purpose of your sale.
Best Regards