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i called in to have my home address changed since I moved and my auto insurance went up $17 a month more for no reason.. I live in the same county as before, in fact I am also closer to my work now (about 5 miles from my work and before it was about 15 miles.) They told me that I had on my policy 12,000 miles a year on my car I drive to work, would I like to change that so I said yes I am a lot closer to work so reduce it at least to 10,000. when in fact I ACTUALLY had 5,000 miles a year to work so it should of went off of that and then reduced it to maybe 4,000???. It was so easy for him to raise the miles to fit his suggestions, but he said there is no way of putting it back to what the miles where before I called him to have my address changed. I now live literally 5 minutes from work now instead of 15 min and my rate went up $17.00 a month. POOR service and communication with your insurance agent. I Do Not feel that I have to fill out a questioners on my miles and send it in now to have it put back to where it was... HIM mistake. Note; I have been with Geico for many many years, good driver and no claims.