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Product Serial Number: [Serial number removed per forum guidelines]

Date of Purchase: 11/27/2015

I bought cannon SX520 HS camera [NEW].

When inserting memory card, it shows memory card error.

But same memory card working good in other cameras.

Memory card: 32GB, SanDisc, Class 10.

This camera was bought in US, now I am in India.

I took cannon to service center in India, they said USA warranty cannot be applied here.

Now they say PCB UNIT have to be replaced.

PCB UNIT defect and to be replace

Part Charges Rs.2518/-

Service Charge Rs.750/-

Service Tax Rs.105/-

Total Charges Rs.3373/-

I bought this for 99$ + tax.

I have not even took a single photo, it needs a service for 60$ (3373Rs + some other charge).

I can't afford so much for a repair, it is better to buy a new once than to use this repaired one (not canon again)

I contact both US and India support, both refused to help me.

They cant waive off the service charge.

They cant extend my warranty.

They cant even give discount for the repair.

Total waste of my money.

How could cannon sell such a useless product? Don't they test it before selling?

Just insert card and it shows Memory card error.

I post this question just to show how bad Canon product could be, don't trust them.