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Had a bad day with Canon Customer Service that a loyal and long-time consumer of Canon products didn't see coming. Our three year old MX892 came down with the terminal B200 error. Did I mention we bought $85 of print cartridges a month ago? Asking to return or exchange them I was told immediately that I didn't fall in their 14 day return policy. They're telling a guy with a history of 6 Canon printers, 2 DLSR Canon cameras, more Canon point and shoot cameras than I can count that they couldn't help me. I also told them I had just ordered a new Canon MX922 to replace our now dead MX892. That didn't phase them either. After expressing my disappointment, they finally offered to send me complimentary ink for my new printer but needed a serial number. How could I do that when "I just ordered it"! By now I couldn't be more upset knowing a 3 year old printer is toast while staring at $85 of ink I can't use and a die-hard Canon customer got absolutely no satisfaction. I didn't think this type of corporate insensitivity still existed. Nikon has become my new favorite camera brand and Epson will get my business in the future...Good Grief!