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REI claims customer service as a value to their products. There is no where on the REI website for an REI member to vocalize a complaint or offer suggestions that will be placed as visual comments.

I ordered a pair of Garmont hiking boots, size 9 an extra half size larger than my normal shoe width. The boots were incredibly small, my toes were forced curled. The shoe came with a sizing tag that is used by Asian manufacturers to equate UK, American and Euro sizes that has been historically proven wrong throughout the industry. A service oriented company would make sure that shoe sizes were correctly labeled.

I returned them as an exchange for a different, WELL KNOWN, brand of boots. I clearly expressed my wishes in the proper location on their returned items form. Instead of making the exchange they simply refunded the purchase price. When I called to ask why my new boots were not ordered no excuse or apology was offered. Instead I could order the second pair with a new credit card activity.

I called 3 times and was placed on hold over 15 minutes the first two times. After ten minutes the third time I was answered, "extremely busy" was the voiced reason (again without apology), which I take as not enough customer service representatives to offer prompt customer service.