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Good Morning, my husband and I purchased frames from Pearle on January 15, 2016, the associate asked if we wanted new frames instead for the one on display, we said yes. she also said it would take about 5 days for the frames to come in. We paid for the frames. It snowed January 22, 2016 so I know there would be a delay but we have not receive our frames as of yet and I am very upset, every time I call Pearl vision they say they haven't received them but they show they have been shipped. It has been over 3 weeks, that don't make any sense, I wonder if they have received them and sole them to someone else because it's been too long. It should not take that long for frames. I will never purchase frames for them again. That is bad business for your company and it make you look bad. I hope you don't just read these complaints and do nothing about it. These people that file complaints are not doing for fun they want answers.