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Bein an avid OD shopper, I found this to be atypical of my shopping experience there.

Wanting to have scans mare of my prescriptions, I went to the counter where I was met by Jason. He had other customers so we waited patiently.

Once freed he came to the counter and I have him my request. He demenor was already curt and unfriendly To begin with. To the point of being downright rude.

With every question he became noticably exasperated and less attentive. I felt I was interupting him with my purchase.

Another Office Depot sales associate stopped Jason to ask him a question. He replied to him in the most disrespectful manner 'go away from here!'

How unbelievably unprofessional and shocking! No one should ever be spoken to in that manner AND in front of customers.

This sad unhappy man, I later found out, is a supervisor! Imagine that this is the man you hired to train your staff and represent your company to the public.

Is this part of your company culture?

How sad for you as a company to have this sort of antisocial, angry maniac as an Office Depot icon for the public.

Shane on you for your lack of training.