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I flew on SkyWest into Denver, CO on 2-26-13. We arrived in a snow storm and we were deplaned on an open air ramp without stairs. The ramp was icy and snowy at the bottom and I fell, injuring my left knee (torn meniscus) and my right hip. I was in enough discomfort that I did not make it to my niece's funeral in Columbus, OH where I was headed; instead I went home. I have been trying to get just some very basic help with medical bills including just partial support on hip replacement that I had last month. Allianz Insurance which is SkyWest Insurance has been unfriendly, slow, unhelpful entirely. I have been waiting since March to get some resolution and hope this can happen without suing which will cost everyone more time, money and aggravation. I am a 62 year old therapist, working in private, non-profits for 40 years. I am not a person who takes advantage of others and don't like it in return. Help!