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I am writing to express my surprise and frustration regarding the awful experience I had on a SkyWest flight in Denver, CO on 2-26-13. This flight took off in Eugene, Oregon and landed in Denver, CO during a snow storm. Rather than deplaning passengers with the "tubes" that are typically used, we were deplaned on an open air ramp with no stairs. The ramp was icy toward the bottom and I fell. I have a torn meniscus in my left knee and am having surgery to replace my right hip on 7-22. My surgeon's letter confirms clearly that the meniscus tear is new and clearly related to the fall. He goes on to say that my hip replacement is in part related to the fall as it was not symptomatic prior to the fall. I have been in contact with Noreen Brogan at Allianz Insurance for months. She is unhelpful and frankly, I think has absolutely no interest in providing a fair resolution to this. I am asking if you can assist in some way as I deserve a timely response. You can contact me at work at or at home at I will be having surgery on 7-22-13 and at home for a couple of weeks for recovery. If I am unable to come to a reasonable resolution by being honest and fair, I will simply talk with an attorney and almost certainly win more than I would ask for to cover bills. Thank you, Karin Thompson