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I Am A Uverse Tech Support Rep. One Of Your Genius Representatives Told A Customer To Go Call U-verse For Direct Tv Issues Because Apparently Our Uverse Modem Is Affecting Your Direct Tv Reciever. Ridiculous! I Did My Troubleshooting And Of Course It Did Absolutelty Nothing! I Told The Customer "lets Go Call Direct Tv, We'll Have A Word With Them" I Reached A Tech Support Rep. I Explain What Happened, He Goes And Tells Me "oh I Hate It When People Blame Other Companies" Then Hangs Up What The Actual F*ck Was That!? What Are You Guys Doing Over There!? Good I Thing I Stayed On The Line And Now I'm Calling Direct Tv Again Waiting On A Stupid Voice System I Should Not Even Go Through.

I Call Again And Your Rep Keeps Pushing The Issue Back To Att Uverse. Look Our Ip Address Works, Our Dns Servers Are Fine Everything Else Is Fine And Matching Otherwise The Customers Laptop Wouldnt Even Be Able To Connect To The Internet. Now What Does That Say? You Have An Equipment Problem! A Direct Tv Equipment Problem! Now I'm Giving Credit Because Your Reps. And Even A Supervisor! Wont Give Credit For A Problem Thats Not Caused By Us. My Credit Wont Even Go To The Direct Tv Bill, It Goes To The U-verse Bill.

I'm A Rep. Not A Customer But Never In My Life Did I Think I'd Be Commenting Here Too. Jeez I Dont Even Live In The Same Country And I Dont Like Direct Tv Already. Stop Passing Your Customer Service Problems Onto Other Service Providers! Show Some Damn Work Ethic!

Yours Truly,
Att U-verse