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Recently resigned from Home Depot, I have previous injuries that preclude me from standing all day on Concrete without horrific pain. Took it until Doctor said "you're done or don't walk in the future". So I resigned, I used to be in management for a couple of retail outlets in same market, this Home Depot is terribly under staffed. Busy day may have 20 or 30 customers in an aisle or area asking for help, every body gone to lunch or helping elsewhere. Couple that with Associates that don't know what they are talking about, like lot attendants helping in plumbing or electrical. If you don't know say so! Numerous times I had customers so made they made threats and demanded to see manager, when manager arrived they would walk away, unwilling to tell their tale. Managers seemed irked if you pointed out a problem or offered a solution. Lots of good employees, untrained, overrun with customers, unable to change for the better. Many of the good employees move on, the pay sucks, the treatment is insincere, and the environment is brutal if you give a damn about your customers. I scheduled by man hours in previous jobs, when a business does a million in sales in one day you might need more than one or two associates per section that know what the hell they are doing, besides hiding while people call for help on deaf ears.